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Anthony Buzzard; Week 2 MED1022; Anatomy

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The breast extends from the second to the sixth rib, from the sternal margin to the anterior axillary fold. Most breast cancer is in the upper lateral quadrant.

Acini are alveoli, Cooper's ligaments suspend the breast. Montgomery's tubercles surround the nipple. The ampulla is made of the convergence of lactiferous ducts. They are divided into lobes and lobules. Secondary nipples can form along the 'milk line'.

The breast is supplied by the lateral thoracic artery that branches from the axillary artery, the internal thoracic also has perforating branches that supply the breast. The medial aspect drains to medial thoracic vein, lateral to lateral thoracic.

Axilla is bound medially by chest wall, anteriorly by pectoralis major and minor, posterior wall by teres major, latissimus dorsi and subscapularis, lateral wall is intertubercular groove. The brachial plexus is in a capsule of fat.