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Craig Hassed; Week 5 MED1011; Health Enhancement Program

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Acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis, chiropractic and vitamin therapy are top 5 CAMs practiced. Orthodox medicine is conventional medicine, is supported by scientific evidence. Unorthodox medicine is unscientific. Alternative medicine can be reasonable if means a range of treatment options (glucosamine in osteoarthritis), unsafe if used as rejection of medical care. Complementary therapy is used to complement conventional treatment.

Integrative medicine is evidence-based and safe therapies, best practice and optimal model.

Whole medical systems are based on a life philosophy, share principles such as respecting nature's healing powers (Indigenous medicine, Chinese medicine). Mind body therapies are CBT, relaxation, meditation, imagery. Biologically based therapies can be vitamin and supplements, aromatherapy and essential oils, homeopathy, herbal. Manipulative and body based such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture. There is also energy therapies.

Make informed choices. Keep open communication with patient, respect concerns and preferences.

Evidence-based CM: St John's Wort for depression, acupuncture for pain, glucosamine for OA, saw palmetto for BPH, omega-3 FA for CVD, meditation integration to psychotherapy, nutritional information for disease prevention.


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