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Colin McHenry; Week 8 MED1022; Anatomy

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Elbow joint is more stable than the knee due to socket joint in the elbow and flat surface of knee joint. Hip has 3 initial ossification centres. Illium ossifies week 9, ischium the 4th month and pubis 4-5th month. Ischiopubic ramus fuses in 7-8th year. Acetabular cartilage starts to ossify age 8-9; fuses 16-18- can appear around puberty and fuse 15-25th year. There are two centres in the iliac crest, one in ischial tuberosity, one in AIIS.

Pubic symphysis is covered by hyaline cartilage and separated by fibrocartilage disc.

Femur ossifies from 5 ossification centres- body in 7th week, distal end in 9th month (joins body in 18-20th year), head appears at end of 1st year, joins body 18-19th year, as does greater trochanter (appears in 4th year), lesser trochanter 13-14th year, joins in 18th year. Damaged growth plates cause cessation of growth.

Knee dislocations appear mostly posteriorly. The fovea on the head of the femur is not primarily for attachment but for nutrient supply.


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