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Anterior Abdominal Wall[]


  • Lecture03-01-P17 - Anterior abdominal wall and scrotum.pdf

Anatomical significance[]

  • Flexibility: can expand and contract to accommodate changes in internal contents;
  • Helps expel faeces, flatus, foetus (and vomit);
  • Acts as an accessory muscle of respiration;
  • Underlying structures are palpable.

Dividing the abdomen[]

There are (a) nine abdominal regions and (b) four abdominal quadrants in the peritoneal cavity.

  • Nine-region model:
    • Vertical lines are formed by mid-clavicular lines on both sides.
    • Horizontal lines are formed superiorly by a line below the costal margins, and inferiorly by a line between the iliac crests.
  • Four-quadrant model:
    • Vertical line is formed by the median plane.
    • Horizontal line is formed by the umbilical plane.
    • Umbilicus is at the intersection of the two lines.