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Craig Hassed; Week 9 MED1011; HEP

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Whole food, fresh, plant based, varied and well prepared are meal guidelines. Fish oils are anti-inflammatory and effective at reducing heart attacks. Honey is anti-infective and used in wound and burn healing. Fruit and vegie intake reduces cancer risk. Caloric restriction extends lifespan and decreases cancer risk. Depression can be addressed by omega 3, folate, vitamin E, B6, D, phenylalanine, dark chocolate. Reducing or avoiding sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

Omega 3 is most effective at improving lipid profile, should be used in hyperlipidaemia first line, also slows telomere shortening.

Antioxidants decrease breast cancer likelihood. Cruciferous vegies most preventative for cancer. Parkinsons is associated with saturated fats and diabetogenic diet.